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Operators in C and C++ Wikipedia

As a special exception to the usual C syntax rules, it is implementation-defined whether a bit field declared as type int, without specifying signed or unsigned, is signed or unsigned. Thus, it is recommended to explicitly specify signed or unsigned on all structure members for portability. Members of structures and unions cannot have an incomplete […]

What Is Customer Service, and What Makes It Excellent?

Content Fundamental Steps Towards Delivering Outstanding Customer Service Foundations of Great Service top 5 Components Of Customer Service What Is Customer Service? The Ultimate Guide The Management-Practice Frontier An Effective Feedback Loop The Bittersweet Story of the Restaurant Kiosk and Customer Experience What are the principles of good customer service? For nearly two decades CMSWire, […]

How to Plan Your 3-Year Strategic IT Roadmap

While blue sky envisioning is necessary for future state envisioning, the implementation plan should reflect current realities and constraints. For example, a technique like Scenario Analysis may help visualize different scenarios and plan for various alternatives. Royal Dutch Schell pioneered the scenario analysis technique and is useful for understanding the multiple situations and implications of […]